Thursday, May 31, 2007

MacJournal Blog Software - Test Post

I have been trying out different blogging software for my MacBook. Using MS-Word on my desktop PC has gotten to be a real pain since the Blogger for Word plugin broke with the New Blogger. I first tried ecto but there was no draft feature, it required photos to be in flickr, and I had trouble just getting the thing configured.

This is my first attempt at a MacJournal entry. MacJournal v 4.1.2 : Mac journaling and blog software is a productivity solution from Mariner Software. There doesn’t appear to be a draft feature or a way to create tables. So far the basics seem to work, but I am very comfortable using a wretched Windows PC. Old habits...

Well, the test post was a bust. I had to add the image after "sharing", fix the font, and add labels.

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