Wednesday, April 18, 2007

California Gasoline Prices Close to Record Highs

[Silicon Valley, California USA]

California gas prices up almost 30% since January 2007

I filled up my gas tank at the ARCO shown above on Monday, April 16, 2007. The price was $3.599 per gallon (3.785 liters) for Premium 91 octane. My Bimmer requires super unleaded gasoline, and, yes, I do notice! At the Chevron across the street and closer to Route 101, the price was 12 cents ($0.12) higher at $3.719 per gallon. I wish they would just round up the ridiculous 99/100ths of a penny already. I haven't paid this much for gas since the weeks following Katrina.

Back on January 24, 2007, I was able to purchase gas at a California Chevron station for $2.779 per gallon.

It is a good thing Proposition 87 failed as I advocated in Proposition 87 – I vote NO. If Proposition 87 had passed, I believe gas prices would now be over $4.00 per gallon for regular unleaded. I know European readers will find all these gasoline prices amusing.

And if Vinod Khosla is a pragmatist and Dr. Hermann Scheer is a hopeless idealist ("Scheer Nonsense" -- The Damage Idealistic Environmentalists Can Do) then shouldn’t Proposition 87 be referred to as Khosla’s Kolossal Vinodfoolery?

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